Anybody can say that they are ambitious. But I work hard to achieve high aspirations.
At the age of 16, I graduated from high school and continued my education at a university level. I now study as an undergraduate Computer Engineer at Purdue University. I strive to find creativity and innovation in every paper I write, program I code, and design I develop. Ambition and passion are the roots of my progress.
I often refer to myself as a Modern-Day Renaissance Man. Like the innovators of the past, I aspire to develop myself multi-facetedly. Although I am an engineer at heart, my problem solving and creativity transcends all opportunities. I am conversational in multiple languages, capable of full-stack software and website development, and an atmospheric pop artist. An opportunist, I put my knowledge and understanding to no limit.

Studies Performed at These Institutions:

Southwest Research Institute
(Summer 2016)

University of Texas, San Antonio
(2018 - 2019)

Purdue University
(2019 - present)

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  1. Innovative Engineering
  2. Creative Design
  3. Atmospheric Music


Since I was young, I have always been fascinated by the ability to create. When you are an engineer, you have the opportunity to play god, creating ideas from thin air. From digital projects to intricately designed hardware, I enjoy every step of the innovation process. New ideas flow through my brain like water through a channel, an incredibly valuable asset when your mind is a boat.

C | Python | System Verilog | VBA | Microsoft Excel | MATLAB | Autodesk AutoCAD | Solidworks | PCB Design | Hardware Development | Software Development | Drafting | Electrical | Mechanical

Undergraduate Studies
Graduating from high school two years earlier than most, had some unexpected downfalls. My parents had concerns about me leaving for college and being so young. Because of this, I enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Texas in San Antonio for a year in my hometown. Within this year, I worked hard to find transfer opportunities. In the mechanical engineering program, I took the specialized course of Engineering Graphics, giving me a broader understanding of Computer Aided Design in AutoCAD and Solidworks. After my first year, I transferred to Purdue University for the rest of my undergraduate career as a Computer Engineering major. At Purdue, I have taken many engineering-based classes, expanding my knowledge of math, physics, polymers, and electrical fundamentals,as well as C, Python, and Verilog Programming. Throughout my time here, I have built connections within the engineering community and worked on many advanced design and engineering projects.


Geovoltaic Interpreter
Over the Summer of 2020, I worked for Leak Location Services, Inc., an engineering and construction firm based in San Antonio. LLSI specializes in detecting subterranean leaks in industrial liners in locations such as landfills, mine sites, and petroleum refineries. Applying my field experience in construction, I developed the Geovoltaic Interpreter to measure and track subterranean voltage with GPS in order to find leaks in industrial liners. This device was configured with a custom PCB, LCD screen, and state of the art surface mount technology. All software was personally developed and uniquely programmed.

gvInterpreter Project Brief

WYd. Startup Contributions
During the fall semester of 2020, I involved myself with WYd. LLC, a startup company formed by some of my academic peers. WYd is a geosocial networking app to be released in the spring of 2020, which connects students socially through a Tinderesque interface. While the company was still in its conception, I gave its founders enterprise resources and helped them form the basis of a sociological-based algorithm for their software. In addition to this, I built a piece of software which applied HTML, JavaScript, Python, and VBA in order to crawl the Purdue University directory and gather data. Over the course of 120 hours, the program gathered the public information of over 35,000 students for demographic purposes.

Colonial Hills Eagle Scout Planter
In the summer of 2019, I was awarded the Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Rank, the highest achievement attainable from the six year program. Part of my required servitudes for rank advancement was to contribute to my community through a meaningful project. It was my honor to design and construct a terrace planter for the Colonial Hills Elementary School in San Antonio, TX. Inspired by the ancient Incan people, the planter was designed using AutoCAD and hand built with a complete irrigation system.

Planter Project Brief


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Website Design
With over nine years of experience, I apply my programming knowledge to create vividly unique websites. Over time, I have learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP. My strong skillset is applied independently to produce custom sites. Over time, I have developed this very portfolio website (which has evolved over time), my independent design company website (see Wanderlust Design below), and other short term projects. One project which has gone far has been my Toolbox Site, which allows me to keep track of my university assignments and GPA actively using PHP and Javascript Algorithms.

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Art, Music, and More...
I am more than just a designer, I am an artist. I find my passion and inspiration in the everyday. Some of my graphic designs may be found above. My music may be found below.

Wanderlust Design is an in-progress, independently developed, design company conceptualized in 2020. The mission of Wanderlust Design is to provide graphic, website, and marketing services to small businesses around the globe. All designs produced are original and unique with mixed mediums. Websites are custom programmed with both front-end and back-end programs for mobile and standard devices. Wanderlust Design also offers video editing, music production (mixing and mastering), and other design services.

Visit WANDERLUST DESIGN (work in progress)

Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Lightroom | Adobe Illustrator | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | jQuery | PHP | C | Python | VBA | Mixing & Mastering | Logic Pro X | Final Cut Pro


Find More Music Here

gold. (Album, 2020)
gold. is the first album in a planned trilogy. It features my first released song, King, and many others including, Sister, Atlas, and what went wrong in paradise. Being the first project in the series, gold highlights the nostalgia of growing up and the loss of innocence. Featuring Robert Frost's poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay, gold is an introduction to my atmospheric style.